“Held By God”

Every summer when we go to Ocean City with our grandkids, we have a daily routine. We get up, eat breakfast, break up a fight between the kids, pack up all the beach stuff, go to Sunsations and buy a bunch of junk and finally head to the beach!

But to get to the beach we have to cross Coastal Highway, at a pedestrian crossing.

Imagine, six little rug rats, beach chairs, coolers of food and several adults trying to get them safely to the beach! When the light finally says “walk”, you reach out and hold the little hands of each of those beautiful grandchildren to make sure the traffic that can turn left doesn’t hit one of them as we make our way to the ocean.

Once the grandkids feel my hand in theirs, they go ahead and step forward to continue our journey to the beach because they know I am there. They know I won’t let go! That I am there to protect them from danger.

       That’s how God is with us. He’s always looking out for the cars that come from the left – the unexpected! He’s always there, waiting for us to reach up and grab hold of His hand. He is there to guide us through the unknown future!

       Being close to the One who holds my heart – the One who has named the stars and counted my hairs – is what really matters in life.

       And so, we take His hand… our breathing slows… our hearts fill with knowing that we are held… and we can trust that He won’t let go of us!

6 thoughts on ““Held By God”

  1. Pastor, thank you for a beautiful scene to envision in my mind’s eye. It made me remember a song I love, “I Know Who Holds Tomorrow.” He holds my tomorrow and He holds my hand.


  2. Sweet reminder…its that easy to reach toward him and trust in Him…
    Keeping you and your family in my prayers.


  3. Thank you Pastor for this reassuring message. As His children we know this but it’s nice to have it reaffirmed during this stressful and tragic time. I know He’s holding my hand and I’m squeezing back hard to let Him know I love and adore Him and feel safer because He with me.


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