I Just Can’t Take It Anymore

I recently read a book by Anthony DeStefano called “I Just Can’t Take It Anymore!” and it was so enjoyable. It has more pictures than words, and I could relate to every one of them.

It got me thinking that a lot of us may be saying just this very thing to ourselves: “I just can’t take it anymore!”

What was the last straw for you? Being confined in your home with all your kids? Having to learn how to help them with their school assignments? Maybe you have lost your job? Or you have been sick? Maybe your concern is not about you at all! Maybe you are worried about someone else?

You may feel enough is enough…COVID-19 added to your pre-existing conditions may be bigger than you are spiritually strong.

So…one of two things has to change: FIRST – some of this stuff – conditions – need to go away or SECOND – you could grow spiritually and the things that you are stumbling over could become the very things that make you strong!

Think about this. How do you want to handle this?  I will have some thoughts on this subject later in the week. In the meantime, I will be praying for you.

To Be Continued

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