I Just Can’t Take It Anymore: Part II

So…I have been praying for you. I hope you have been praying too. Have any of your concerns, overwhelming concerns, gone away? The virus is still harming people, taking its’ toll on our jobs and the economy. We are still staying in. There is still no toilet paper or hand sanitizer on the store shelves! The only thing that has gotten any better is the weather!

Have you decided how you are going to handle this? Ask God to make it go away or ask God to make you spiritually stronger?

In scripture, sometimes the threat was removed. Other times, something else happened. You might want to open your Bibles to 2 Kings, Chapter 6. What if God could do something new in your heart? Something beyond anything you could ever imagine!

We see two very amazing miracles – two of my favorite miracles. You have heard the term “never waste a good crisis” – well, with God, that may be the best way to go!

Picture yourself as that which has fallen in the water. You can either drown or believe that God will make you float. Instead of running from the situation, think of God’s ability to work the most amazing miracle.

Ask God to help you see opportunity in your moment of crisis. In order to accomplish that, God may have to adjust your vision. What if, when we come out of this national crisis, you had developed a gift to see things both physically and spiritually as God sees them? (Refer to 2 Kings, chapter 6: 16-17) Oh, wow! To be able to see what the situation is through God’s eyes!

So, I conclude with this:

  • FIRST – you need to read the Bible to get the full story.
  • SECOND – you have a lot more options than you thought when you see things through God’s eyes!

Just think about this!

I will be back next week…

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