When I was somewhere around twelve years old, I was caught out in Lake Erie in a big storm. Even though I was with friends and adults, I was scared. My friend and I had to lay down on the floor of this small boat while the adults tried to get us to safety.

I don’t know how big the waves really were, but to me, to this day, it was a real, life-threatening event… at least in my mind.

Jump forward… Jeannie and I were playing with our grandchildren at Ocean City along the water’s edge. They have NO FEAR as long as we are with them – even if a wave knocks them over! They have no idea how big the waves are or how small they are. NO FEAR…what a way to live!

As they get older, we still stay with them, just further to the side. As they grow…so does their exposure to the ocean waves. As long as their eyes have a fix on us, they are fine. They live FREE OF FEAR because they trust us!

The secret of FEARLESS LIVING is keeping your eyes on Jesus. Understanding in HIM lies your safety and refuge. So many times our running away from danger includes running further away from HIM. We try to hide from what we fear. He knows NO FEAR and there is no wave He can’t calm.

We need to be wherever He is. The measuring of the waves should be compared to His abilities, not ours.

Measure God’s Word against anything that comes against you.

Allow the waves to be the agent that lifts you into the arms of the Lord.

We teach our children that they can always call out to Jesus and He will keep them safe. As adults sometimes we have seen the waves when they aren’t so gentle or there were no “grandparents” around to keep us safe.

I would remind you of His promises:

Psalm 32:7
You are my hiding place;
You shall preserve me from trouble;
You shall surround me with songs of deliverance.

The Lord is my shelter in the time of storm.  I shall not fear.  I will keep my eyes on Him and in His presence I will have NO FEAR!

2 thoughts on “Fear-Taker

  1. I am not a member of your congregation. I was led to it by one of your members, David Dressel, who is a long time friend. Perhaps because I am 85 years old, I have felt no fear during this pandemic. I know absolutely that the Lord is far greater than any virus or bacteria. He is the Creator of all things. But as I read the message, the following scripture came to mind: “Perfect love drives out fear.” My personal reflection on that scripture: Perfect trust in Christ and love for Christ drives fear out of our sight.


    1. Thank you very much. I agree…that is a perfect verse to go along with my thoughts. Pastor McCullough


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