heart MIND and soul

I’m tired. Exhausted really.

And it isn’t for lack of sleep. Not exactly. I actually pulled eight solid hours of sleep the other night, which if you know me well, is something of a feat. But my brain… my brain is weary.

Too much thinking will do that to you. So I’m not going to even over-exert my brain in this post, because what I have to write, really, is about as simple as it comes.

I wasn’t meant to tax my brain. I wasn’t created to endlessly mull over this or that. I wasn’t even created to use my mind as intensely as I tend to use it. God created me with three components that comprise the person I am: my heart, mind and soul. And I’m meant to utilize all three equally, in balance.

And even then, I’m meant to direct the full force of each of those components towards Him. My heart is meant to handle the things that logic and reason isn’t sufficient enough to tackle. My soul is meant to handle the things my flesh is too weak to endure. And my mind? My mind is meant to deal with the practicalities of life. My mind is basically on board to keep me alive. A bear pops out of the woods. Run, my brain says. Good job, brain. Now go back to your corner and let my heart and soul do some heavy lifting.

Too often we get caught up in thinking that following Jesus, obeying God or communing with the Holy Spirit is an academic pursuit. And there are times these things involve and require the intellect. No argument there. But the key reason God instructs me to cast my cares on Him is because my cares, my anxieties, my stress… these things begin, fester and end in my mind. My mind isn’t meant to direct my steps, determine my words and actions, or be the primary worship mechanism in my body.

So take a moment this morning. Be still. Actually be still. Be quiet. Don’t move. Don’t check your phone. Consider a phone fast. Jesus went without food and water for forty days, specifically to set the stage for resisting temptation. Wow. And I can’t put my phone down for an hour. I’ve got some work to do there!

Shut off your computer. Your phone. Your TV. It can all wait. Let your mind settle and focus your heart, mind and soul on Jesus. Scratch that. Don’t focus on Jesus. Talk to him. Ask him the big questions. Search your heart. Take a tour of your mind and its dark corners. Ask him how your soul is handling the last few weeks and months.

Then, and maybe this is ambitious, work on changing whatever the Spirit convicts you to change. Maybe that phone, that laptop, Netflix, a good book or two, your hobbies and time sinks… maybe they’re in the way. Maybe what we need is to switch it all off, give our minds a rest, and really, truly spend some time with God.

I’m off to work on it now.

One thought on “heart MIND and soul

  1. Wow!! Just wow! We don’t take enough tome to be still and rest on our mighty Gods presence! Thank you for the reminder and the permission to simply be still!


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