“The Light of the World”

I overheard a group of children playing on a playground, keeping their distance and masks half on, with raised voices, having a debate.

They were debating God and what to believe about Him. He was this… said one child. Another said, no He was something different. One said they believed in reincarnation. Another one said if you believe that you are going to hell.

This went on for at least fifteen minutes. As Jeannie and I moved on, we were sad. The Catholic religion was mentioned. Reincarnation was mentioned. And hell was mentioned. But no words of Jesus’ love and forgiveness. Our poor, poor children have no chance of knowing or experiencing truth.

Jeannie knew a couple of the kids, as well as their parents. I truly am concerned about a lot of things, but it’s overwhelming to think of the children of the world not knowing or believing in Jesus, as Savior.

Please don’t read this casually. I am Pastor McCullough and I am asking for help. Prayer warrior… moms and dads… grandparents… what are we to do?

Our future outreach is in peril. Our present outreach is not reaching far enough or deep enough to touch hearts… whether children or adults. I don’t want to sound older than I am, but things have changed. I used to feel conviction as a child. I was aware of God’s presence and would ask Him to forgive me. This went on in my life over and over into my teens. But He was always there. I was aware of His presence and ashamed of my behavior.

On that playground, it was apparent that God as Savior and forgiver of our soul was not known or sought after by those children.

I am reaching the end of my pastoral ministry. But, that does not mean I stop caring or am not saddened by the rejection of Christ by so many.

Today, I read of riots in the streets in America and London. Civil unrest and anarchy seems to be increasing. Our nation’s enemies are on the move. But those things will be, now, and have always been. The greatest thing I am concerned about is the lack of knowledge and experience of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for our Pastors and Church leaders. And all who help in any way. They have a huge task ahead of them: to teach and model the love of Jesus Christ to the extent families are saved… where children in their flock know that Jesus is the way to heaven. He is love and forgiveness. He is the way, truth, light and life.

I urge all of you to commit time to pray for the lost. I urge you to seek the Lord for instruction on how you are to help our pastors and families to minister in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Kenny said last Sunday that we don’t need a building to be a church. He is right. But to be OUR church, we need the call and mission of God to stir us to our knees for prayer and to His Word for instruction.

Please leave a comment below. Make a commitment to pray and follow God’s direction as to what He wants from you in service!

2 thoughts on ““The Light of the World”

    1. Thank you Carolyn. We are in unique times. Prayer is needed to turn the tide and to guide us through today and be prepared for tomorrow.



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