“The Absence of Peace”

2020 came in like a lion. It may go out like a lamb… but probably not… more like a pride of hungry lions.

COVID-19, killer bees, unemployment, tension and violence on the streets… all as the Bible predicted.

I grew up in a cold war area, but now, it’s cold war like I have never seen.

Alliances have been formed and it looks like war could break out at any minute in several hot spots around the world.

In the midst of all this, there is a hatred for God… again… like I have never seen before.  At the same time there is the group that ignores all of these things and are still so consumed with themselves or with pleasure that they are not bothered by any of this.  They resent you for being concerned.

How does it all end?

Is 2020 the year everything goes too far?

Are we passing a place of no return?

What will we return to?

A lot of people are revealing things about themselves that will be hard to forget. 

If we survive this year, what will 2021 hold?

So many questions and uncertainty!

Where should we turn?

Our beacon has not changed or moved or waivered!

He has told all of us about these days… what takes place… and how it all ends!

Of course, I am talking about Jesus and His Word, the Bible.

As I read and reread His accounts, I prepare myself for a number of things and scenarios, because I am not sure exactly if this is the beginning of the final approach or a trial run… a warning to open our eyes… to get prepared!

A friend of mine said, “Your first step to transformation is realizing you are never alone.  When you are at peace with yourself in mind, body and soul, you will know your direction”

He is so right!  Before I react in any way, I need to find my “rock” and settle in with Him.  He is the unmovable equation.  No matter what happens, He alone knows what happens next.

So… I am very happy and content to hold His hand as we continue to pass through this very trying time.

A few weeks ago, I was sitting with a good friend who was, in my opinion, at a place of perfect peace.  We were in His hospital room, which became our sanctuary, a place filled with God’s presence and His peace and comfort!  And for a little while I had a break from all that was happening in our world and for that period of time there was no doubt that “Jesus was Lord”. 

Wow… what a time… even if it wasn’t a long period of time.  My burdens and concerns were lifted!

I wrote this just to say that He is here in abundance!

For those who seek Him they will find Him.

For those who thirst, He refreshes!

No matter what is happening:

The Lord is always the Lord…

He is always the Light-Giver…

He is always the “Way-Maker”…

He is always Peace, Love and Calmness…

He is and always will be the Life-Sustainer and Power-Infuser…

He is the Creator…

He is the Beginning and the End and He sustains all in between.

I shall not fear, nor become restless. He is with me.

I know Him… I feel Him… He is my ever-present strength in trying times.

His peace passes all the understanding of the hour, the day or the year.  HE NEVER CHANGES!

I am anchored to Him!

I don’t want to be free of Him… His power… His peace.

With Christ, I will always and forever have peace!

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