“Age of Terror”

There exists an accumulation of sermons from Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones that were preached from 1941-1950. The compilation of these messages is published in the book, “The Christian in an Age of Terror,” edited by Dr. Michael Eaton.

These sermons were preached during and following the Second World War.  When the nations of Europe were engaged in fierce combat over issues of immense moral and ethical importance.  His messages are remarkably relevant to our own.  They speak directly to our current world and political situation and represent models of what preaching should be during times of great uncertainty, fear and even terror.

We are alive during the fulfillment of so many signs of the end of the age…the Return of Christ!

How should we live?

What should be preached from our pulpits and airways?

The men I respect the most are smart, even brilliant, but more than that, they are “wise.”

The message of the Bible to us is crystal clear and prepares and guides us.  The Bible can speak for itself when allowed to.

So… you be the pastor or preacher!

What needs to be said right now?

Have you noticed what’s not preached in Christian circles?

It really does make a difference.

What does your soul hunger for?

As I listened to our Pastor’s last Sunday emphasis:  “eyes on Jesus… beware of distractions… don’t get caught up in them… be wise… be calm… be at peace…


My soul was encouraged.  It dawned on me that I was encouraged by attending church!  I needed to be there.  I needed to hear His message!

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