“No Phone In Heaven”

Last Saturday, we had our memorial service for Bill Johnson, a faithful husband, father and grandfather. 

Eva, one of Bill’s grandchildren said: “It’s too bad there isn’t a phone in heaven!”

Now maybe I have heard something like this said before, but I can’t remember anyone expressing it quite like that!

What a way to say I wish I could talk to my loved one who now lives in heaven.

I have been thinking about Eva’s comment a lot.  I started writing this piece even before I wrote Bill’s service.

I thought of a personal phone book or directory, listing all the loved ones and friends who now live in heaven.  Then I thought what we would talk about.

It was surprising, of all the things we could share, I found myself only concerned about them and heaven.

Have you seen Jesus?

What’s He like?

What’s He look like?

Who else have you met or run into?

What does heaven look like?

How do you feel?

What do you look like now?

And on and on and on!

The excitement grew in my heart.

My mind was racing with the glory and wonderment of it all.

Then I came back to Bill!



What a lifting, exciting time it was.  It lifted me out of the pain of losing a beloved friend.

I was no longer concerned about the here and now.

Only days later did I realize that none of my thoughts were about the process of death or the challenges of this life.

My good friend was now in the very place we all look forward to going to and with people we knew and loved!

The chorus we used to sing, “Turn your Eyes Upon Jesus…and the things of this world will grow strangely dim” …it is true!

I want more heavenly thoughts.

There are hobbies of mine…things I really enjoy doing.  None of them did for me what I experienced these last ten days thinking about talking with those in heaven!

Thank you Eva …you have qreat insight just like your grandfather!

One thought on ““No Phone In Heaven”

  1. Amen!!! Jenna told me about Eva’s comment. Made me smile. Such a sweet and simple thought, Bill would have laughed.

    I have been with so many pts who open their eyes, look up, and smile in those last breaths…its truly beautiful to witness this happen…or they carry on conversations with people who have passed away already as if those in heaven are preparing their arrival. End of life can be just as amazing as beginning of life to those witnessing it but for those entering heaven it must be completely unimaginable.

    Thank you for all you do Pastor McCullough!


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