Quick Thought Thursday: Stones and Hearts of Stone

One of the things I like to do as I read the scriptures is write down just one thing, one quick takeaway from the section. For me, it’s a process that helps me move from simply reading the Word to allowing the Word to read me.

It’s a simple practice that anybody can do, it helps to reinforce what I’ve read, and it gives me an opportunity to engage with what the Holy Spirit might be trying to teach me.

This is my “quick thought” from today’s reading in Luke 19-20

“If they kept quiet, the stones along the road would burst into cheers!” ~Luke 19:40

Our understanding of God isn’t all that much greater than a stone’s understanding of geology, but if stones can praise the Lord with their limited understanding, so can every human who was designed in the image of God!

As Jesus enters Jerusalem during his “Triumphal Entry,” the people praise God in what they expected to be the inauguration of a new Godly Kingdom. Their conclusion was correct, but their understanding of how Jesus would accomplish this through the ultimate example of God’s self-giving love was nonexistent.

The people expected a king like “David:” a king who represented God himself, a king who was a “man after God’s own heart,” a conquering king who would slay Goliath, and a king who would sit on his throne as the king of their nation above all others. Instead they got Jesus, the King of all creation who is king not because he came “in the name of the Lord,” but rather he is King because his name is Lord!

Even the stones recognize Jesus as a different kind of King, and if all else ignores this reality, they would burst into praise because when the created recognizes it’s creator, all of creation sings. So, even if we have hearts of stone, those hearts can explode into praise when they are confronted with the authentic King of all creation who transforms our hearts into his home!

Therefore whether we have hearts of stone or flesh, let us burst into praise with our limited understanding when we are confronted with Jesus, the Lord of all creation who sets the world right with his self-giving love!

This is what I heard in today’s reading, what did you hear?

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