Monday Missionary Spotlight: Ryan & Cathren Hundertmark

We’d like to occasionally highlight some prayer requests from missionaries and other local missions.

Today, we’re highlighting Ryan & Cathren Hundertmark. The Hundermark’s are missionaries to Africa that The Good Shepherd Ministries supports. We recently reached out to them to ask them a few questions about ministry; you can read their responses below.

Q1: What are your biggest joys right now?

A1: Our biggest joy has been the array of support and love that we receive from a multitude of churches and individuals that share a vision for reaching an unreached people groups with the gospel. It means the world to have support like that as we face long term challenges!

Q2: What are you passionate about in ministry as we head into the holiday season?

A2: Right now we are passionate about reaching felt needs of our people while building relationships and learning their language. We are very passionate about reaching these people; language and culture are key components to reaching them right now. The more we know about them and can integrate into their society, the better we can serve them and sustain ourselves.

Q3: Besides ministry work, who are you doing right now?

A3: We are finishing up a yearlong home assignment. There is a lot to think about, and the transition hurts as we say goodbye to friends and family for the next couple years.

Q4: What are your most pressing prayer requests right now?

A4: There a 4 pressing prayer requests:

Pray that our transition back to Africa would go well.
We have 3 weeks of meetings and workshops in Senegal before going back to Guinea. Pray these go well and that we stay healthy while sharing space with other missionaries from around West Africa.
Pray that we can get all of our equipment down to Guinea, that we can get our truck fixed, the new solar power system in place, and the well pumping into the house plumbing by the new year.
Pray that language learning can begin quickly and that the Holy Spirit would develop a deep love within us for the Baga Mandouri people.

If you’d like learn more about the Hundertmarks, you can do that here:

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