Monday Missionary Spotlight: Dion Daughtridge

We’d like to occasionally highlight some prayer requests from missionaries and other local missions.

Today, we’re highlighting Dion Daughtridge. Dion is a missionary in Ecuador (South America) that The Good Shepherd Ministries supports. We recently reached out to her to ask a few questions about her ministry; you can read her responses below.


Q1: What are your biggest joys right now?

A1: Some of my biggest joys right now are seeing the little ways the Lord chooses to reveal Himself to me through others and His creation here in Ecuador.

I also feel humbled by some of the recent ways the Lord has allowed me to communicate the gospel message in a natural and relational way to people I have built friendships with over the last year. I am grateful for how God is using my simple obedience to his call so that the light of Christ can shine in this spiritually dark place.

Q2: What are you passionate about in ministry as we head into the holiday season?

A2: Even though we just recently started doing ministry in person due to Covid, it has been a great encouragement to see how the Lord used the last several months of online ministry, training, and preparation. I am also excited about the growth we have been experiencing in our English Conversation Club the past month as God continues to bring non-believers into our ministry to hear the truth of His word.

During the upcoming holiday season, I am praying for participants of our English ministry. Specifically, I am praying that they will hear about who Jesus is, and then receive His love.

Since I have met many people here who pray to idols such as the Virgin of Cisne, I am passionate about them forming a genuine relationship with Jesus. My prayer is that they would recognize Jesus, and no one else, has blessed them with all they have.

I am also praying that my life would exemplify Jesus through my own words and actions.

Q3: Besides ministry work, who are you doing right now?

A3: I have been very involved in my house church that has sought a different approach on how we should “do” church in Ecuador compared to their traditional model. To many professing Catholics here their preconceived ideas of who God is and their traditions within the cathedrals are very different than what we do. We work very hard to in our house church to focus on the idea of knowing Jesus personally and knowing Him the way the original disciples did. This allows people to be brought into a new setting without the ideas of what they previously knew “church” to be, especially in the Loja province as only 1% are evangelical believers. In essence, we are really working hard to distinguish the difference between “tradition” and what it means to truly believe, accept, and live out the Gospel.

I am also still practicing language regularly by meeting with Spanish speakers and having conversations while developing meaningful relationships with both locals and ministry team members. I have been having mentor meetings with a missionary here to help me through my experience and challenge me in my personal walk with the Lord.

Lastly, I am praying about an option that was presented to me for a future ministry opportunity once I return back to the States after this term. Please join me in praying about that possibility, and pray that God uses me for His glory in this next season.

Q4: What are your most pressing prayer requests right now?

A4: There a 5 pressing prayer requests:

· English Conversation Ministry / REFF – That participants will continue growing and that those involved hear the true message of Jesus in our conversations.

· House Church – For the development of the children’s program, and that they will learn about God and what He means for them personally. Also, for the growth of our house church and for new non-believers now attending.

· Relationships with Neighbors and Business Owners – That God will continue to use me to be a light in the lives of those I am encountering daily, like a couple who live near me, Milton and Luz, and that the Lord will use me to communicate His truth in my conversations with them.

· For My Departure – That I will end my term well and seek where the Lord is leading me to serve for His kingdom in the next season of my life.

· My Family – For some unspoken requests that are currently going on with my family in the States.

If you’d like learn more about Dion’s work, you can do that here:

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