Monday Missionary Spotlight: Harrell Family Missions

Harrell Family Missions Update March 2022

Today, we’re highlighting The Harrell Family. If you didn’t receive their last update email, we wanted to share it below:

Greetings friends and family,

Thank you for your prayers and support, these last few months have been very fruitful, and we are excited to share some news with you in this brief in-between-newsletters correspondence!

First thing that we would like to share is that Ken’s Facebook account is presently inactive for sharing a pray for Ukraine post… Who knows if he will get it back or not, but in the meantime we can always be reached at our email as well as our phone number (which is also on WhatsApp) at 864-905-4750.

The past few months have been extremely busy for us and fruitful in that we have received containers of backpacks filled with school supplies as well as hygiene items and have been distributing them in events where real needs are being met.

Several Evangelism Events have been very powerful and many children have given their lives to Christ in the cities as well as in rural areas.

We were pleased to host our friend Pastor Frank Trezoglou and he did a great job in ministry with us ministering in several towns and in the mountains of Honduras.

We have four missions teams on schedule for this year and are looking forward to how the Lord is going to use them!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support, we love you each dearly and pray for you!

The Harrell Family in Honduras
Children’s Gift Ministry

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