Quick Thought Thursday: God’s Limitless Love

This is my “quick thought” from today’s reading in Mark 9-10.

“Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?” ~Mark 10:17

His unfailing love for us cannot be shaken, it cannot be removed, it heals, it is limitless!

How big is my view of God’s love?

Do I live like God’s limitless love is true, and his anger is gone forever, or do I live in a reimagined version of God’s anger and disappointment?

Tragically, my view of God’s love is often limited to how lovable I think I am instead of how lovable he declares me to be. I too easily fall back into the lie that I need to earn God’s love. When I inevitably fall short, I come to the corrupt conclusion that God is angry and disappointed in my failure. Too often, I live in the death of my failures instead of participating in true Life found only in the successes of Christ.

It’s as if I’m constantly asking the same question a Rich Young Ruler once asked Jesus: “what must I do to inherit life?” He came wanting to know what he needed to “do” to earn God’s love, appease God’s anger, and gain life, but it’s never been about “what we do,” it’s about “who we are.” It’s an amazingly small view of God’s love to approach it in this transactional fashion, and I am guilty of this more often than not!

What the Rich man failed to understand was, inheritance is never about “doing,” it’s about “being,” and when we align ourselves with the reality that we are children of a Good Father, the inheritance of life is a forgone conclusion because of who we are as opposed to what we do.

As we align ourselves with this reality, the misperception of God’s disappointment fades into laughable memories. The anger and disappointment of God that we’ve imagined is gone forever when we recognize the Good Father for who he really is and ourselves as his beloved children!

He is the Good Father who searches for us, welcomes us home, heals us, celebrates us, and bestows upon us an inheritance of life!

This is what I heard in today’s reading, what did you hear?

#Hosea14:4 #1John4:7-11 #Isaiah54:10 #Psalm136:26 #1John3:1 #Ephesians5:1 #Matthew18:12 #Luke15:22-24

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