Quick Thought Thursday: Life Returns to Jerusalem

This is my “quick thought” from today’s reading in Mark 11-12.

“Jesus was in the center of the procession, and the people all around him were shouting, ‘Praise God! Blessings on the one who comes in the name of the Lord.’” ~Mark 11:9

“Life” returns to Jerusalem!

The people celebrate, the people dance, and the parade of life marches on towards the ultimate goal, Life restored to all of creation.

All this celebration, and yet the people didn’t really grasp the full extent of what was happening. Jesus wasn’t just “coming in the name of the Lord,” Jesus is the Lord, “God with us!”

What’s more, he’s come to be “another in the fire” with us! He didn’t come to destroy, divide, or denigrate, he came to experience the life we live and lead us to the full Life he created us to live with him!

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the God of the universe was making the final preparations for his ultimate goal, Life for all creation, and he would accomplish this by surrendering his own life.

It is this amazing sacrificial love that consistently defines Jesus so that Life could return to all!

This is what I heard in today’s reading, what did you hear?

#John10:10 #Matthew1:23 #Daniel3:25 #Hebrews4:15

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