Quick Thought Thursday: “If”

This is my “quick thought” from today’s reading in Luke 3-4.

“The devil said to him, ‘If you are the Son of God, …'” ~Luke 4:3

“If” can be a dangerous word. The same thing God the Father says about Jesus is repeated by the devil with one word added, “if.”

Even Following Jesus baptism where God audibly speaks for all to hear “you are my Son, with whom I am well pleased,” the first temptation from the devil calls this into question.

Doubt of the most obviously plain truth is instantly upon Jesus. It’s as if the devil is saying: “are you really the Son of God? I know we all heard the voice, but couldn’t you be exaggerating? Maybe it was just a strange thunder? Is it possible you’re ‘spinning’ the experience? If it’s true, prove it!”

Even in the most obvious of situations, doubt whispers, “prove it.” Even if Jesus in physical form was sitting with me now, tomorrow I’d hear “prove it!” The great accuser always calls truth into question, even the most obvious of truths. He sows seeds of doubt so that we are left wondering if we can tell the difference between truth and insanity.

Yet, Jesus’ simple response is scripture. The words of the Good Father have saturated Jesus’ soul, and truth naturally flows from Him … unshakable and foundational truth that can’t be exaggerated or spun no matter how grand it is stated.

It’s truth that doesn’t need to be tested or proven because it is as natural as breathing, and yet he willingly invites us to “taste and see” His good truth. It’s the truth found in the words of the Good Father, it’s truth that we can rest in with comfort and security. It’s the truth that says, we are children of God!

Do we listen to “If and prove it” until we are responding to the whispers of the devil instead of comfortably resting in the words of the Good Father?

This is what I heard in today’s reading, what did you hear?

#Mark1:11 #John1:12 #1John3:1 #Galatians3:26 #Galatians4:7 #2Corinthians6:18 #Ephesians5:1 #Psalms34:8 #Zephaniah3:17

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