Quick Thought Thursday: What Does the Kingdom Look Like?

This is my “quick thought” from today’s reading in Luke 13-14.

“The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his garden. It grew and became a tree, and the birds perched in its branches.” ~Luke 13:19

Most seeds are meant to grow and produce something. An apple seeds produces apples, the seed of a Sycamore tree grows to produce shade, a maple seed produces sweet syrup, and in this case the Gospel of Luke tells us that a mustard seed produces a home for the birds.

Most people focus on the size of the mustard seed compared to the size of the tree, and the amazing growth that should be expected, but the Gospel of Luke doesn’t do that. Luke simply says that the seed was intentionally planted in a garden, the tree grew, and the birds came to find refuge.

It makes me wonder if the “Kingdom” is growing in my life in a way that is welcoming to the noisy, messy, inconvenient birds of the air?

Do I spend more time cultivating my perfect garden, worried about growth and the perfect fruit, or do I really consider what the Kingdom of God looks like … a garden that provides refuge, food, life, and comfort for all.

This is what I heard in today’s reading, what did you hear?

#Psalms18:2 #Psalms91:2 #Proverbs14:26 #John6:35 #Matthew6:33

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