Church, What Will Divide Us?

Captain America: Civil War is the hardest Marvel movie for me to watch. And please bear with me if you couldn’t pick out Iron Man of a lineup. You won’t need much superhero knowledge at all to understand where I’m going with this one… The Marvel Cinematic Universe — a series of twenty-two interconnected superheroContinue reading “Church, What Will Divide Us?”

What to Do When You’re Too Stressed Out to Know What to Do

How many times this week have you felt majorly stressed out? I know for me its been way too many to count. I’m talking about the moments when your mind is overwhelmed with the mental to-do list of a hundred things you need to catch up on. Or the moments when you’re overwhelmed by theContinue reading “What to Do When You’re Too Stressed Out to Know What to Do”

10 Creative Ways to Have Family Devotions

“I will study Your commandments and reflect on Your ways. I will delight in Your decrees and not forget Your word.” Psalm 119:15-16 Do we delight in the Word of God? In reading it, in studying it, in sharing it? I believe we would want to say yes to this, but when we think aboutContinue reading “10 Creative Ways to Have Family Devotions”

God Wants Me to Be Happy (And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves About God)

I eat super healthy. Or so I like to tell myself. I like to create Pinterest boards filled with recipes including fresh fruits and vegetables. I especially like to pin the healthiest looking salad recipes and fruit bowls. And if you were to ask my Pinterest followers, they would definitely tell you I eat superContinue reading “God Wants Me to Be Happy (And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves About God)”

How Gratitude Changes Our Attitude

The students at our church are very familiar with something that we call “Thankful Things.” “Thankful Things” is simply when each of us takes a portion of our prayer time to share and thank God for one thing from the week. It can be really small or really big, something obvious or something we couldContinue reading “How Gratitude Changes Our Attitude”

Truths to Hold Onto In Uncertain Times

If I’m honest, I’ve been having a really hard time with everything happening in the world around me right now. At the beginning of March, I sat down with a friend and ranted, “I just can’t go through anymore change right now. I’ve reached my limit for change. I just want everything to be normalContinue reading “Truths to Hold Onto In Uncertain Times”

Helping the Young People in Your Life During COVID-19

If you turn on the television or logon to social media, even for just just a few seconds, you’re going to see coverage or news on COVID-19. All I have to do is open my web browser and fifteen different articles on the virus and its spread pops up. It can be exhausting. But theContinue reading “Helping the Young People in Your Life During COVID-19”