Midweek Services Relaunch June 21-23!

Beginning June 21st, 22nd and 23rd, midweek services are relaunching with an all-new Monday-Wednesday format! Young Adults will meet Mondays at 6pm at Pastor Kenny’s house; Godly Kids Club will meet each Tuesday from 5:30-7:30pm; and adults will meet for Bible study on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00pm. Details can be found below and at http://www.mytgsm.com/midweek. PleaseContinue reading “Midweek Services Relaunch June 21-23!”

The Award for Most Common Sin Goes to…

Oh my goodness! Once again, the award goes to… pride! *Thuderous applause* Pride. Buried within most sins, at their core, is pride. Buried within your heart, most likely, is pride. And yet it’s the most difficult sin to identify, the most difficult sin to root out, and the one people deny the fastest. Pride andContinue reading “The Award for Most Common Sin Goes to…”

An Evangelist’s Call

Mike Pruchniewski wrote the following encouraging post and wanted to share it with all of you. It’s a concise, wonderful reminder that we aren’t merely assigned the task of telling people about Jesus; we’re invited into the exciting world of sharing with others what God did for us, how we’ve been saved, and what thatContinue reading “An Evangelist’s Call”

More Ways to “Go” than Ever!

Think about the 21st century world in which we live. The technology. The advances. The ability to reach out and connect to anyone, anywhere… literally! All with the touch of a button or a click of a mouse. Now give Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus’s Great Commission, a fresh read… For all of its challenges and frustrations,Continue reading “More Ways to “Go” than Ever!”

When the Worst Brings Out the Worst

Take a moment to take account of what you’ve learned recently. Hard times deliver even harder lessons. Are you stronger than you thought you were? Weaker? What about your faith? If this week was a storm at sea, did you walk on the surface or slip beneath the waves? Which Peter were you? The discipleContinue reading “When the Worst Brings Out the Worst”

Struggling or Suffering?

Scripture is filled with images of struggling and suffering. But while we often use these two words interchangeably, they’re two very different things. When I struggle, I’m wrestling with an opponent. When I suffer, I’m losing in my fight against that opponent, and painfully so. Each one requires a different perspective. First let’s take aContinue reading “Struggling or Suffering?”

An Easter Beyond Expectation

When did Easter become so comfortable? When did we come to expect so much? When did we start focusing on the trappings rather than solely on the things Jesus accomplished? I’ll admit, I’m having a hard time this early Easter morning. It’s 3am and I’m sleepless. Not only is this a different Easter morning thanContinue reading “An Easter Beyond Expectation”

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Chances are you’ve become well acquainted with a new member of your household: your attitude. I certainly have. He sneaks up on ya. Like a walking whisper. Suddenly he’s right there, talking for you, growling, barking… who is this, and where did he come from? Unfortunately, he’s always been there. He’s been there from theContinue reading “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

Palm Sunday Panic

I find myself thinking about the disciples this Sunday morning. Palm Sunday morning. Imagine it… Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey, aligning with the prophecy the disciples had read about in Zechariah since they were children. Picture the crowds shouting Hosanna, Hosana! Hailing their Lord, master, teacher, savior and Messiah as King. What aContinue reading “Palm Sunday Panic”

Is Your Brain Tired Yet?

COVID-19. Coronavirus. Social distancing. Stay at home. Shelter at home… The world has ground to a halt and everything – every news report, every conversation, sometimes every touch of our fingers and movement of our hands – is only one step removed from thoughts and fears of COVID-19. Sometimes it seems all we think aboutContinue reading “Is Your Brain Tired Yet?”